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Scientific Innovation

n the recent ten years, NCIST has undertaken more than 893 research projects of various types, with the amount of contract funds being 3 billion yuan. Of all the projects, 118 of them are longitudinal projects valued 43 million including National Natural Science Foundation and major and special issues of National Science and Technology with the fund being 21.5 million yuan. More than 70 research items are above the provincial and ministerial level and the funding is 21 million yuan. The number of published papers is 6326, of which 3303 belong to core papers or the above level and 863 can be searched in the three retrieval systems. NCIST is awarded with one National Science and Technology Progress Prize and 52 awards of provincial science and technology. In addition, NCIST has won 6 national invention patents and 18 utility patents. A number of technological products developed and produced by ourselves, such as gas pressure meter, gas content analyzer , monitoring system of coal mine water, quick-identification system of coal mine water-filling, mining water richness detector, SYT-type detector properties, have been widely applied to the safety production practices and achieved good results.